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Planned Maintenance Program

After Hours Emergency Service 24/7 Number: 1.800.268.6316


We are thrilled to introduce a specialized, energetic team along with innovative planned maintenance service offerings to Toronto, London, The Niagara Region and beyond! Our mission is to provide tailored solutions that help maintain and safeguard your commercial kitchen equipment, ensuring maximum uptime and prolonged lifespan.

We offer a range of service options to suit every need: Our Express, Premium, and Platinum Service Products. These options range from a cost-effective equipment assessment to a comprehensive Planned Maintenance Program, complete with detailed reporting and expert consultation from our factory-trained technicians and Contracts Team. Choose the level of service that best fits your business, and let us take care of the rest. 

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CALL US AT 1.800.268.6316

repair (1)


Program designed to efficiently assess equipment functionality, condition and produce estimates based on repair urgency.

premium (1)


Comprehensive planned maintenance program. This program incorporates all OEM checklists and recommendations. Includes technician review on site and post-visit reporting.

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Covers all major components including technician reviews on site and post-visit reporting.

Crafting Excellence in Every Kitchen: Your Pathway to Unsurpassed Success

At RGH, we strive to be the premier provider of quality equipment repair service to the food service industry for the Toronto (GTA) region of Ontario. Additionally, our partnerships through Western Canada and the Ottawa – Montreal region allow us to provide a Canada-wide network of food equipment service providers.

While our team provides quality service you can keep your focus on growing your business. With a history that dates back over 100 years RG Henderson is the largest Food Equipment Repair and OEM Parts Distributor in Toronto (GTA) region of Ontario, Canada to support your business 24/7. At RG Henderson we offer installation, warranty, post warranty emergency repair and customized planned maintenance programs for your cooking, refrigeration, preparation and warewashing equipment.


Services Promise

RG Henderson's industry leadership flows from three key service pillars:


We are committed to providing the best in industry response times to ensure we are there when you need us and you do not experience extended downtime of your equipment.


Our customers’ uptime defines us.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do.

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